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Subject:The Free and Final Solution to Hijackings!!!
Date:Thu Feb 07 19:27:45 2002
I recently got an interesting email from Front Sight Firearms Training
Institute ( ) regarding their ongoing campaign to
arm the pilots and provide free training. The gist is that the FAA is
requesting public comment about this issue.

I took Front Sights Free Uzi Class ( ) and was pretty impressed
with their level of instruction. Ill cut and paste the email they sent.
Lets let the FAA know what us Americans really want:

Subject: FAA Requests Front Sights Comments

For Immediate Release
January 31, 2002
From: Dr. Ignatius Piazza

Dear Friends of Front Sight,

As you may know, the FAA has recently published a request for written
comments on the subject of arming airline pilots. Front Sight is responding,
through our Washington, DC lobbyist, with a complete package including Front
Sights Three-Day, Armed Pilot Curriculum which I wrote at the request of
members of American Airlines Pilots Association.

I strongly urge you to join us in our efforts by writing your own letter to
the FAA. The attached letter may provide a useful starting point. It
contains information on a number of security measures and further
demonstrates the need to equip pilots with firearms. The deadline for
submitting comments to the FAA is February 14, 2002.


Dr Ignatius Piazza


Public Document Office
Department of Transportation
400 Seventh Street, S.W.
Room PL-401
Washington, D.C. 20590-0001

RE: [Docket No. FAA-2001-11129]
Firearms, Less-Than-Lethal Weapons and Emergency Services on Commercial

Dear Sir or Madam:

The purpose of this letter is to urge you to recommend to the Department of
Transportation and the President that pilots and flight deck crew members be
allowed to carry firearms into the cockpit of aircraft providing air
transportation or intrastate air transportation.

Your favorable recommendation is needed in light of the current threat
cockpit invasions pose to air crews and passengers. Public Safety officials
must assume that the events of September 11 have inspired others to carry
out attacks using cockpit invasions to commandeer aircraft. Undoubtedly,
there will be commentators, even perhaps some in the industry, who will
accept the lowest common denominator of protection for both crews and
passengers. In my opinion, the United States Government should allow all
reasonable means of technology, including firearms, to be deployed on board
aircraft to deter and stop the types of vicious and suicidal attacks we have
witnessed against our air transportation system and nation.

Authorizing flight deck crews to carry firearms in the cockpit is the only
security measure currently being considered that would have thwarted the
tragedy of September 11. Non-lethal devices are simply not reliable by
comparison and ineffective in multiple assailant attacks. Universally
recognizable, firearms also have a deterrent value not found in non-lethal

Commercial airline pilots are highly trained, carefully screened
professionals who often have a military background. I already entrust them
with my life when they fly the aircraft. In my judgement, they would be just
as responsible in handling firearm, if necessary to defend a cockpit, and
ultimately all of their passengers.

In closing, there is absolutely no practical reason why an armed pilot
program could not be quickly achieved. The U.S. has several excellent and
qualified firearms training academies, all of which could be accredited for
such purposes by the FAA or T.S.A. I am familiar with one, Front Sight
Firearms Training Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, that is offering to train
pilots free of charge who are authorized to carry a handgun to protect the
cockpit from
terrorist attack.

Thank you for this opportunity to express my views on this important matter.



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