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Subject:Re: Dual Purpose Aerobatic planes--conflicts
From:Eric Rood
Date:Fri May 17 14:10:45 2002

: I would suggest not just a checkout in another tailwheel airplane before a
: single seat Pitts but rather quite a bit of tailwheel time, all of it in
: general handling and in the pattern, before checking out in a two-seat Pitts
: first. I say this not because the Pitts is difficult to fly, or to land,
: because it isnt, but its not a good airplane to learn to fly tailwheels
: on. It lands fast and has poor forward vis, all of which are easily
: manageable, but youd be better off getting quite a few hours in a Cub or
: Taylorcraft or the like first. Everything happens much more slowly in those
: machines than a Pitts.

Yep, as the saying goes, "The airshow begins when the Pitts flairs to land!"

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