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Subject:Re: My first balloon ride
From:Jim OBrien
Date:Fri Oct 06 13:35:31 2000
In article , Cwb wrote:
> Although I had done some fixed wing flying years ago the balloon ride was
> completely different.
After our flight last Sunday morning, one of the passengers that had flown in
another of the 6 balloons flying that morning told me via e-mail: "We really
loved the flight. Quite different from fixed wing. I have my pilots
license with about 360hrs. I had always wanted to go on a balloon flight.
In fact I used to dream about owning a balloon. I may someday want to take

Pictures and narrative of that particular flight are at
. More of the same at my main
balloon flights page at

Regards, Jim OBrien.
Fri, 06 Oct 2000 15:44 EDT
Jim OBrien, UnitOOPS Software
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