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Subject:Re: Hearing protectors for pets?
From:Jim Fisher
Date:Mon Feb 12 10:41:06 2001

wrote in message

, that if a dogs hearing is more acute than
> a humans (indisputable, and documented, YOU do the research), it follows
> logically that if humans decide hearing protection is in order, it follows
> a dog needs it as well. Duhhhhhh?

Dogs, cats and other mammals have varying degrees of FREQUENCIES that they
are better able to hear than us humans. THATS what is meant by "sensitive"

In other words, a dog is *not* more likely to hear a pin drop from ten feet
away than I am. This is also the reason I can sneak up on my dog and yell
"Boo!" just as easy as I can do it to my kid.

However, she CAN hear a mouse squeak from 100 feet away. She also knows
when the garbage man is driving up the street before I do. She would likely
lose those abilities should she fly with me on a regular basis. I dont
think shed even notice, though.

> Not even close. My stupid youth featured loud music, and I started flying
> when no one used hearing protection in GA airplanes. I have noticeable
> loss today. And you seriously ask if "this is a problem?"

Well of COURSE good hearing its important to you! You depend on hearing
for so many things. I, too, had a REALLY good sound system in my car in
high school and am paying for it now. There is no hearing aid available
that will help my type of hearing loss . . . Well, thats not true. There
is something available but it costs thousands.

But my dog? She could care less if she is not able to converse with other
pooches at a pooch-party with lots of background noise.

That said, Id take my little ankle-biter in the plane with me except for
the fact that she is absolutely terrified of the noise. ;)

Jim Fisher
North Alabama
Cherokee 180

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