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Subject:Re: Pilots plead w/ Bush, Congress & FAA - "Let Us Carry Guns to Protect Our Plane & Passengers"
From:Trenton G. Twining
Date:Fri May 24 20:17:21 2002
JerryMouse wrote:
> "Tamas Feher" wrote in message
> news:acg987$4o6$
> > One gunshot into the fusalage at higher FLs, by accident or bad aiming and
> that
> > particular plane becomes history. Ditto for passangers.
> >
> > I would recommend you take the train.
> Trains are next on the terrorists list; there is NO security for the
> tracks.
> As to airplane decompression, youve seen too many bad movies.
> Fifty bullet-holes in an airplane will only make a lot of wind noise.
> You cant shoot out a window, theyre made of lexan (you MIGHT be able to
> get a bullet-hole in it).
> It would take a hole the size of a door to catastrophically decompress an
> airliner. Doors cant be opened in flight (they open inward and must have
> equal pressures on each side).

In fact the entire roof of the forward end of the passenger compartment
flew off of a flight to Hawaii several years ago; all passengers
survived. One member of the cabin crew was pulled out by the
decompression. Since passengers were buckled in, they werent pulled
out. The flight crew got the plane down to breathable air in plenty of
time for everybody aboard. I dont think a 57mm cannon (let alone
100rds of from 9 - 11mm handgun) rds could make that big of a gap in the
Trenton G. Twining

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- Frederick Douglass

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