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Subject:Re: Electric powered aircraft?
From:Seth Masia
Date:Sat Oct 21 16:14:22 2000
Youre going to get a lot of horse laughs from the group, but in fact
theres some serious research going on re: fuel cells and other ways to
power electrically driven aircraft. Solar cells have already been used to
run high altitude drones. Electric motors do make sense in aircraft: they
produce max torque at zero rpm and dont lose power with density altitude
(though the prop does). A hybrid engine like the new Honda and Toyota units
might make a lot of sense in light GA use -- a relatively small cruise
engine running on mogas could be augmented for takeoff and climb with
electric power from an expensive high-density battery or from a fuel cell
drawing from the mogas tank.

Check this out:

Also see mention of the "first electric aircraft" at

Electric Plane: the MB-E1 is the first electrically propelled aircraft.A
Bosch 8KW 10.7 horsepower motor is powered by Varta FP25 nickel cadmium 25
Ah batteries.It made its maiden flight on 21st October ,1973.

Anyone know anything more about the MB-E1?


wrote in message news:8ssns2$hdl$
> Is it possible that in 25 years we will be flying electric powered
> aircraft?
> Excerpt from Gores book, Earth in the Balance, page 326:
> "Within the context of the Strategic Environment Initiative, it ought
> to be possible to establish a coordinated global program to accomplish
> the strategic goal of completely eliminating the internal combustion
> engine over, say, a twenty-five year period."
> Im really frightened about the prospect of Gore possibly becoming
> president. GA fuel prices would certainly rise, as he favors
> decreasing the consumption of oil and eliminating the engine.
> Thats not to mention, Gores view of strict government regulation and
> litigation. Frivolous lawsuits are one of GAs worst enemies and Gore
> would only make things worse in this respect.
> A recent issue of AOPA pilot subtly endorses Bush as the friend of GA
> in the editors letter.
> I believe as pilots passionate about the freedom of the sky, we should
> put aviation first, on November 7.
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