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Subject:Re: Colorado Fly-In
From:Jer Eberhard
Date:Fri Feb 09 14:35:22 2001
: For flatlands and neat scenery think of Loveland/Ft.Collins which is the

Yes, it is beautiful up here. We should rename the FNL airport to be
"Longs Peak Airport", to enjoy it even more! Unfortunately, I have a

Nit pick: the published name of the airport is:
"Fort Collins - Loveland".

Some of the local "yahoos" call it "fort love", but Im pretty sure
they are displaced texans and think theyre still near that other
place, "fooowt wuuuth".

There was a "Loveland" airport, called "Loveland Beech", and "Loveland
- Poverty Flats". So, if someone talks on the radio and identifies a
"Loveland" airport, Im SURE they are at least several miles west of
"Fort Collins - Loveland".

The PREVIOUS name of the industrial park next to the airport was named
and labeled "Loveland/Fort Collins Industrial Park". Unfortunately,
both names, "Loveland/Fort Collins Industrial Park" and "Fort
Collins/Loveland Airport" were on the entrance sign in the past. Now,
only "Fort Collins/Loveland" appears on the sign. :-)

From the FAA airports database:

LAND,FORT COLLINS-LOVELAND MUNI,PU,PU,970-962-2752,40-27-06.578N,145626.578N,105

By the way, we actually changed the name of "Valley Airpark" to "Fort
Collins Downtown". It was NEVER "downtown valley airpark":

T COLLINS DOWNTOWN,PR,PU,970-484-4186,40-35-16.036N,146116.036N,105-02-26.816W,3

Jer/ "Live long, learn much, soar high... and prosper." Eberhard
Jer/ (Slash) Eberhard,, 970 898-2861 WORK, 898-2838 FAX
Hewlett-Packard, 3404 East Harmony Rd MS-42, Ft Collins, CO 80528-9599
C-206 N9513G, CFII Airplane & Glider, FAA-DEN Aviation Safety Counselor
CAP-CO Mission&Aircraft CheckPilot, BM218 HAM N0FZD, 146 Young Eagles!

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