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Subject:Re: download AirMap database?
From:Dave Blevins
Date:Mon Sep 18 09:42:20 2000
On Sat, 16 Sep 2000 23:10:39 GMT, Jim McGarvie wrote:

> A flying trip suddenly came up for next Tuesday, and Id like to
>update the Jeppesen database in my AirMap 100 before then. I checked
>the LEI Extras website, but it appears the only way of getting the data
>from them is on a floppy by mail, which wouldnt arrive in time.
> Is anyone aware of a place to buy the database update which offers
>downloading of the data?


By "nope" I mean that as far as I know the *only* way to get that
update is via the floppy. LEI (like Garmin, and probably the other GPS
vendors) is very anal about protecting that database from being

On the one hand I dont blame them, but on the other hand these
database updates are extraordinarily expensive IMO.

Dave Blevins

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