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Subject:Is your prop balanced? Are you sure?
From:Stephen Austin
Date:Thu Oct 26 08:42:08 2000
If not, you gotta try these people out. I just had the prop balanced on my
airplane and the difference is unbelievable. I didnt think it was that bad to
begin with but I was wrong. It cost me $350 to balance the five-bladed prop
and turbine engine on my Ag-Cat and I can tell you it was the best money Ive
spent in a long time.

The work was done by Jeffries Airworks Co., Inc. of Lake Providence, LA. Jim
and Linda Jeffries come to your airport or facility and do the balancing there.
They use the latest Chadwick-Helmuth equipment with spectrum analyzer. Not
only can they balance the prop but they can also measure vibrations within the
engine itself. This information can then be used as a diagnostic tool to help
identify possible powerplant problems. After I recowled my aircraft and took
it for a post-balance test flight the difference was absolutely amazing. If
you care about your prop and engine you cant go wrong by giving these people a
call. Their mobile telephone number (theyre almost always on the road) is
504-543-7904. Their home number is 318-559-9390. They do recips, turbines,
spam cans and homebuilts. Sorry though, they dont do helicopters or gyro
rotor balancing. All they do is props and engines.

For the record, I am not involved with the company nor do I make any money from
them whatsoever. I am simply an extremely satisfied customer passing along
information I feel could be helpful to others.

Any questions drop me an e-mail and Ill try to help.

Stephen Austin
Austin Ag Aviation
Charleston, Missouri

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