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Subject:Re: Checkride - failed emergency procedure
Date:Sun Apr 22 15:30:41 2001
Greg, Im just curious: what "coast" are you referring to here? It sounds
like you were flying over water and were 3 miles off the coast? What part of
the country are you flying in?

Greg Peckton wrote:

> Greetings,
> I failed my checkride yesterday on an emergency landing procedure. This is
> what happened :
> 1) At 4000 feet and about 3 miles from the coast, the examiner cuts the
> power calls the approach and tell them we are coming down to 1000 for
> emergency practice.
> 2) I immidiately establish 70knots and show the examiner the place I am
> gonna land off the shore, and head straight towards that.
> 3)The approach (Class C airspace; but we are slightly outside the baundary)
> advices that there is other traffic in the area I picked and asks us why
> are we changing our altitude so often when lots of traffic is in vicinity.
> 4) The examiner tells me this is OUR airpspace and asks me to head to what
> I picked for landing. He tells the approach we are going down. The approach
> rogers and advises of traffic.
> 5) The examiner is doing all the talking WITHOUT telling me he in control.
> I thought even in emergency I get to make all the calls and seek out
> traffic on the radio.
> 6) He would not let me touch the throttle! In my emergency procedures, I
> had my hand on the throttle all the time, just in case I have to abort the
> procedure or in case of real emergency.
> 7) At about 1000 feet and a 0.5 mile from the coast, the examiner asks me
> if I can make the coast. I look out and say "definately". Later, he says
> definately NOT.
> 8) Amidst all this distractions, my airspeed has varied from 80 to 60
> knots.
> 9) We get on the ground and he says he is failing me because I got
> distracted in my emergency procedures.
> Is this fair? I am thinking of getting a FAA examiner to examine me and
> this guy.
> Thanks
> Greg

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