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Subject:Re: Ultralight Rentals?
From:Mark Smith
Date:Wed May 30 23:15:32 2001
Roger N wrote:
> Im wanting to get to do some flight training in the near future, I went to
> the local airport last weekend but the Ultralight hangar was all locked up.
> Im undecided if I should get Ultralight training first or go straight for a
> Private Pilot Certificate. The local airport rents out their 4 place C172
> for $70/hr, plus Im planning to start building a plane in the garage soon.
> Ive considered just buying an Ultralight but with hanger rental and all, it
> would be an added expense. Im looking for a place with some land so I can
> have my own soft field for Ultralights and/or light planes, If I buy an
> Ultralight now and have hanger rental on top of everything else, it could
> slow down the process of being able to come up with a down payment for a
> good piece of land. I would think renting out an ultralight would be the
> ideal way to help with the costs of hanger rental and maintenance, is there
> any special insurance requirements to rent an ultralight out? Thanks!

I rent and have NO insurance whatsoever,,,

insurance just attracts the lawyers who are then assured of at least
something for their troubles.

stay poor,,,,,,,,

Mark Smith
Tri-State Kite Sales
1121 N Locust St
Mt Vernon, IN 47620

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