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Download ForPilots Logbook today! Forpilots Logbook is the award-winning computerized logbook solution. The software features a simple, easy to use user interface that looks just like a paper logbook, but adds advanced statistics and reporting capabilities. Download ForPilots logbook for free!

S-Tec System 20 Autopilot
Sale on BRS parachute systems
Save $20.00 on Logbook Pro
Save the USA: Vote for Ralph Nader
Savings for Pilots
Scheduling software for flight clubs
Sea plane rating
SeaStar firsts flight videos
SeaStar Turbine Amphib (657HP) first flight Nov. 12 2000
See the Amazing Flying Inflatible Boat
Seeking Advise
Set of Four Pilot Avionics Headsets Plus Accesories
Share in 4 seat tourer being sought.
Sheepskin Covers
Show what youve got!
Sim Pilots: 9000+ IFR Approach Plates - $25/shipped.
Site Update
Site Upgrade
Situational Awareness Simulator (SASI) for the Palm OS PDA
Skydat LCD Instrument Panels
SlantAlpha - GPS Nav Software for Palm OS
Slightly off topic
Small transponder question...
smoke system for mds .40
Soft Leather Flight Bags!
Softcomm C-60 Silver Edition w/PTT
Softie Parachute For Sale
Some questions about GNS430
Song PIlot CD online ordering now available
Song PIlot CD Reviews Are IN
Sony Hoss Transmitter
Souix Aircraft Cylinder Valve Seat Grinder
Sparrow XC Aircraft - web site updated
Special offer: make sure to be in !
SPI PRO 3600 Digital Protractor/Level
sportys PPL course
Sportys Private Pilot Video Course For Sale
Sportys SP-200 NAV/COM?
Sportys SP200 Handheld NAV/COM
Sportys, King and Gleim IFR Courses for Sale
Stainless screws for homebuilts, experimentals. Like AN/MS
Static Inverter Lot For Sale
Stealth,F16,Predator souvenirs- FS
Stereo headset with a mono intercom !!
Stereo input to intercom
Stolen Aircraft!
supercoat aircraft surface treatment
surecheck TPAS
Surecheck TPAS (Traffic Proximity Alert System)
surecheck TPAS - info from Surecheck

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